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Jhinku Banerjee
Jhinku Banerjee Team Member A freelance copywriter, Jhinku, started taking interest into photography just a couple years back and her POV changed after her learning process started under the eminent photographer Joydeep Mukherjee. FOTOJAJS is her baby and her life evolves around it.Shooting people, life and documenting issues Read More
Anirban Banerjee
Anirban Banerjee Team Member Anirban considers himself to be a self contradictory person who is always very restless somewhere deep inside. Bohemian by heart but conformist by virtue. To earn a living, as he puts it, he does ‘slavery for a corporate’. He lives his life when he does photography. In his words. “ Read More
Rimita Sen
Rimita Sen Team Member Rimita Sen is a person who is in love with two poles apart things – Finance and Photography; a day dreamer who wants to freeze moments for lifetime. She enjoys living in moments to make life large, not long. Streets and people are the most attractive things for her and her lens. It is photogra Read More
Dipanwita Saha
Dipanwita Saha Team Member Dipanwita Saha, is a photographer by heart and a Software Engineer by profession. She strongly believes that as a documentary photographer, it is her responsibility to showcase the social changes and its impact on human race and she pledges to be committed to leverage photography Read More
Anirban Mal
Anirban Mal Team Member Anirban Mal did his masters in Geoinformetics and worked with various IT companies and government departments, before he gradually shifted to photography. He started doing photography 6 years back with a broken heart and a mobile camera, slowly realizing that it is spreading insi Read More
Cosmin Garlesteanu
Cosmin Garlesteanu Team Member Cosmin Garlesteanu is a young, energetic photographer from Bucharest, Romania. After studying Economy he chose to continue in photography. Though he was into it for about ten years now, but he seriously took up street photography two years ago. According to Cosmin, there is Read More