Hall of Fame
Rajagopalan Sarangapani
PeopleStreet 5th August, 2017

My name is Rajagopalan, born and brought up in a small town called Kumbakonam in South India and presently settled in Chennai for Job. I am a banker by profession.

When did you start photography?

I started my photography journey in 2011; I would call that day as a sweet accident which pulled me into such a beautiful world. I was impressed by SLR on that day when I accompanied my friend to buy a gear for him.

 Your gears - then and now?

Initially I started my photography journey with Nikon D3100 and 18-55 lens and presently having D700 with 50mm lens although now I prefer to carry the handy Sony rx100 with me always.

What do you love to photograph?

I don’t restrict myself in genres. I click what comes in my mind. I am more fascinated by colours and kids. Presently I enjoy travelling and capture travel moments where ever I go.

Why do you love the kind of photos you click?

As I already mentioned above, I was more fascinated with colours in the streets. Knowingly or unknowingly my eyes looks for bright colours and walls which fits in my frame. I find more life when a frame has people inside, their emotion, and their moments - personally I get attracted towards that. Generally I love to shoot kids and children as I feel very much comfortable sitting and talking to them, play with them, make them easily connect to me and be casual when I click than with a serious note. Their innocence, their happiness, their moments always make me feel exciting. Most of the time, I felt that worked in my photos as well when those photos had same wave length matching with the viewers with the same emotional level what I experienced.

 Your most loved photo? Why do you love it?

I am emotionally attached to all the photos I click, as there is a story behind every frame I click. I feel good photo of mine still remains to be the picture I clicked during 2013, when I visited Kolkata, I was walking in one of the ghats in early morning; I had been invited to a house when I asked for water to quench my thirst. I couldn’t resist myself to click a conversation between the grandfather and a kid when I was sitting idle at the entrance of the house. A beautiful sunlight passing inside the house added flavor to my frame and a beautiful story formed.

Your journey so far…

A wonderful journey so far which I never thought will keep me energized always. With high tension at my work this journey really keeps me alive and keeps me going positively.

What difference, in photography then and photography now, have you noticed?

In a good way, digitization is one of the big turnaround in the field of photography. I don’t need to wait for 36 frames to be completed to see the output or to be restricted by a certain ISO. I could get myself inspired from lot of legends from every corner of the world in just one click. This keeps us growing and honing our skills.

Your future plans

Travel all around the world, experiencing the cultures, click as much as possible without restricting myself to any genre.

Your suggestions for the budding photographers…

I just want to say what my mentors told me in my initial stages. “Click, click and just keep clicking. Never give up your passion for anything. Look for good frames, moments, light and something which you can convey through your photo. It doesn’t need to be the best photo but never give up on the joy of clicking. One fine day, a simple photograph of yours will definitely take you to heights and that’s where you ll be known to world. But be who you are and your job is to just keep clicking. “BE RESPONSIBLE” with your frames, because soon you will be an inspiration to another person who will be looking up to you, watching you or following you.