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When white wears the color of pain...
Photo Journalism 17th February, 2020

It's heartbreaking to see the rampage on the mother Earth by mankind increasing by the day, grabbing everything in the name of development. Instead of trying to heal the planet, the devastating game of so called progress has taken jet speed. The self-destructive practice of man is not going to spare anyone, not even their own future generations. The balance of nature is long gone. Green is sparse for the cattle; migratory birds are now seen remarkably less. Life is harder than before. Is the Doom's day nearing us? The white of nature has lost its color to the dead of black. The happy tunes of peace now sound like mourning...

About Photographer

Joy K Roy Chowdhury
Joy K Roy Chowdhury

Joy K Roy Chowdhury from his childhood, had a knack for creativity. His inclination to art was evident in his unique way of depicting small things of life initially through paint and brush then through the lens. At the age of five Joy started playing with brush and colors and within a short period of time his artistic mind got appreciated by his school teachers, friends and relatives. At his teen years, Joy got a small hot shot camera as a birthday gift from his parents. That day, silently, a photographer inside him was born. Whenever Joy got free time, or went for family trip he became totally involved in sketching the world around him through his camera. Gradually photography became a passion and a part of his life.

He delved himself into serious photography when he started experimenting with different delicate lenses. Photography to him is canvassing the true color and joy of life. Throughout his journey of photography he tried his best to present any frame in a unique way. Capturing the true simplicity, emotion, pain, and pleasure of life through lenses, is his motto which in turn will inspire our next generation to explore the positive side of life more intrinsically.

He is the founder member & president of Narayanganj Photographic Club (NPC) of Bangladesh. He loves to discover life in more meaningful way and make it truly memorable.

A person who doesn't go loud about himself, can be traced from the way he works. Though he has proven his authority in various genres of photography starting from the ones with soothing aesthetic feel to documentation of hard core reality that affets human life, Joy loves clicking portraits and according to him, it is one of the strongest manifestation of the art of photography that can stir the present and bring about changes. Joy strongly believes that the "eye contact" in a portrait makes a huge difference. The eyes talk about the person's life; they tell their untold tales. It is a tough job to capture the right mood and the right expression that makes for an outstanding portrait. Or else it ends up in being a mere photograph. Joy sees it as a direct encounter with his subjects when their eyes look straight to the camera. His works show how important it is to catch the subjects in their right posture which will make the frame speak out loud. Upon asking how Joy manages to do this, he smiled and said, "I just talk; and keep talking to them."