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When nature strikes
Documentary 16th November, 2020

On May 20th cyclonic storm Amphan devastated areas of Sundarbans, India. It had demolished houses, uprooted many trees, causes flood in farmlands. Locals lost their houses and took shelters in relief camps. Sundarbans has still not fully recovered from its devastating effects. Through these pictures I tried to highlight the impact such cyclones have on the life and livelihood of the locals.

About Photographer

Tamoghna Purkayastha
Tamoghna Purkayastha

Tamoghna is by profession a banker. But photography is his passion. Because of his work, he comes across many people from many socio-economic backgrounds. Tamoghna thinks what we generally see, is not the actual scenario. Many a time, there’s more to what we see through our naked eyes. In such times lenses can do wonder. Such thoughts kept driving him to develop a passion in documentary photography. He loves to travel new places, meet new people, understand their lives and share their stories through his lenses.