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The Saga of Sacrifice
People 18th November, 2016

Muharram is the festival of grief for the Shia Muslims. 12th October 2016 at morning they gathered near Nakhoda Masjid in Kolkata. There were approx 2000 men and women to join a rally with horses. The women were waiting and feeding the horses with milk, sweet etc. After that when the rally started to progress towards Sealdah Station area, I saw a handicapped old man, aged 98 years, who was a freedom fighter (I came to know later) came forward to bend and pray. When the rally reached Sealdah Station, there was a huge gathering for self-flagellate with knife and blade. The blood continuously dropped on my camera and my face also. In such a tough situation I feel it was quite hard to cover the event. However I kept shooting. After the sacrifice, the men were mourning and I found some kids also joined. There were people offering treatment to the wounded participants. Carrying on like that, the rally walked towards Beliaghata for holy bath. This event, someone told me, "is not a festival, but is a protest for Karbala battle".

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Sourav Basu
Sourav Basu

Sourav Basu is a Kolkata based young photographer. He started doing photography just two and a half years ago. A student of Commerce pursuing his Bachelor Degree, he spends as much time as he gets to chase his passion of photography. He loves to shoot people, street, events and rituals. He is now using Nikon D5100 with which he loves to shoot action of people.