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The Cuba Diary
Street 8th October, 2017

I've been to Cuba thrice between 2013-2015; from my first visit, I fell in love with the people.

In spite of the hard life conditions, the poverty and lack of material things, I found people with kindness in their heart, who rather laugh and dance instead of being bitter, welcoming and warm with a strong sense of community.

One can see the man who brings morning coffee to his neighbour who can't get out; the love and connection  between the old couple and between mothers and their children; the pride they have in their dogs, who are treated as family. 

Life in Cuba are outside; still they invited me into their houses, into their intimacy. I hope my pictures reflect my love for the people of Cuba.

My decision, whether to keep a picture in colour or to convert to B/W, is based on the importance vs. destruction of the colour (I shoot Raw). In Cuba, the colours are amazing and in some pictures almost 'make' the picture.  But when I want to be more dramatic, or when I think the colour will be a destruction from something that I feel is more important, I change to Black & White. Imagine the picture of the woman with the cigar and the cloud over her head in colour; it won't have the same effect. Hence my story has an amalgamation of both. It's how I saw Cuba.

Orna Naor, street photographer

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About Photographer

Orna Naor
Orna Naor

Orna is a Street Photographer, lecturer and member of Israeli Street Photographers collective – URBANICA. Her street photography is shown in brick and mortar galleries in Israel and abroad, as well as in various Street Photography groups over the net, in some she is also an Admin.

Orna has her unique and creative way of approaching the street photography. She focus on human moments, emotions and creating her own story. Her work was published in various Street books and magazines ( WePhoto Street, World Street Photography 2015, MonoPix, WeStreet, Israeli Lens Magazine)


 Selected Shows:

URBANICA, Tel-Aviv, 2014 (Collective)

CONFLICT, Tel-Aviv, 2014 (Collective)

CUBA, Tel-Aviv, 2015 (Collective)

NIGHTMOVES, Tel-Aviv, 2015 (Collective)

STREET, Tel-Aviv, 2015 (Collective)

SWP, Hamburg, 2015 (Collective)

STREET ART, 2016 (Collective)

URBANITES, Tel-Aviv, 2016 (Collective)

Budge of Shame, Tel Aviv, 2015 (Collective)

MY CUBA, Chicago, 2016 (1st. Solo)

Local Testimony, the Israeli photojournalism exhibition