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The City under the Bridge
Documentary 24th February, 2017

Around12:00 pm on a lazy Thursday, I was sitting at my desk with my iMac on and was going through the old reels and.....!!!!!!!!!!!! My phone started ringing & notifications flooded like crazy. Got a few calls from overseas from friends. News started pouring in. One of the biggest accidents has just taken place around one of the busiest & crowded street of Kolkata. A 500 ft long section of an under-construction flyover has broken and trapped the vehicles & pedestrians underneath. I made a few phone calls to my friends and rushed off to the place to offer any help I can be of and to document the frenzy. I have read and heard about many, but on that day I experienced what a terrible accident actually look like. I have also seen what humanity and unity is. Civilians, police, emergency response teams & Army were working hand-in-hand just to make sure everything is okay.

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Jit Rakshit
Jit Rakshit

I am Jit Rakshit, a kolkata based professional wedding photographer. My passion is street photography , documentation & photojournalism. nn I fell in love with the intricacies of light and shadows long back in my school years but I have seriously started to study and learn the art of photography around 5/6 years back. I currently use Nikon D7000 and love to capture actions of people and special moments of interest.