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Soul of Kiev
Street 29th April, 2019

I have visited Kiev, the East European city, several times and explored it as a novice outsider. As a street photographer I had no predefined thoughts in mind but in subconscious it could be my feelings I was capturing.

I have a practice to walk with my camera on an unknown pathway whenever I visit a new place and Kiev was not an exception. I explored people, their associated history of war and religious feelings, daily life of them, their joy, and hope. To capture my explorations in frames, consciously or unconsciouslyI used light, color, shade which portrayed the signature of Kiev from the root. Eventually this brings out the soul of this city.

- Gourab Guha

About Photographer

Gourab Guha
Gourab Guha

Gourab was born in Kolkata, India in 1980. He has always been fascinated with drawings and paintings since his childhood. His interests in photography came at a later stage of time. Having no specific thought in mind, He gets fascinated with uncertain events happing in common places. In his words, "I spend more time looking at my photographs than I do actually taking them".

Gourab's work has been exhibited in London, Greece, Serbia, Bangladesh, and many places in India. Also magazines including Life force magazine, Edge of Humanity, Positive Magazine, Social Documentary Network have published his works.