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Shooting From The Toe
Street 27th August, 2017

Sankha Kar, had to spend his childhood away from that green field in the neighbourhood where other children would run and play on the dew drenched grass. But he would notice them meticulously and probably that state of his being confined because of health, would drive him to explore new angles to see the world.

Here's his thought process that worked behind Shooting From The Toe 

We are used to seeing everything from eye level. Whether we are standing or sitting, we are confined to viewing life from a height of 4 to 6 feet on average.Shooting from “TOE LEVEL” is an effort to produce and capture the same world which we have been seeing for ages from eye level only.
It’s the curiosity to see the world from toe level and produce images and visuals which dare to break the age old habit of seeing from eye level.
It is an idea and concept to go beyond the limits and rules, to explore a whole new world which looks entirely new and shocking to the eyes which never saw this new viewpoint. It's time we see the world from a different perspective. Shooting From The Toe.

About Photographer

Sankha Kar
Sankha Kar

Retrospectively, I think I was destined to dabble into the world of art. But unlike my father who uses a paint- brush to capture an image on canvas, I use a camera. Yet, more than genes, it was fate that charted the course of my career very early in life. When I was just 3, crippling polio paralyzed my right hand and left leg. I learnt to walk anew, while other children pranced and bound effortlessly in the neighborhood. The process made me observant. Now I was seeing things, which I could have missed otherwise.  It’s this special trait of looking at objects from a different perspective that has stood me in good stead in my almost three decades long professional career. I hope it does for the rest of it as well. Armed with a post graduate diploma in Photography, I made a foray into photojournalism in Kolkata, India. I have come a long way since then and for the past 17 years have been working with Gulf News in Dubai, UAE.


Major Achievements of Sankha Kar

AFIAP from The International Federation of Photographic Art.

Licentiate(LRPS) of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Best Photograph awards at the Dubai Shopping Festival, in 2002 and 2004,

Photojournalist of the Year Awards at the Minolta Photo Competition in Dubai 2002 and 2004.

Awards at Dubai International Art Centre Nikon Photographic Extravaganza in 2002 and 2004

Certificate from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, at the 6th National Photo Contest 1993.

Photograph exhibited in various international salons with numerous awards and solo exhibitions in 2008 at Kolkata India and 2017 in Dubai,UAE.

Presented paper on Photojournalism in 10th International Photographic Conference 2014, organized by Photographic Association of Dum Dum, Kolkata, India. Participated as Guest speaker or Judge in various photographic events.

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