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Medicine through my eyes
Documentary 19th September, 2018

My project "Medicine through my eyes" was shot in a small town, Razdel’Naya, (Population: 17,995 in 2015) in Ukraine during 2013 -2016. I had just graduated from the Medical University at that time and had to work there for 3 years. My life before work in the hospital was far from care giving. It was my first experience in medicine. Everything was so different from books. I saw sickness and suffering only in pictures in textbooks. Here it all surrounded me every day. It was necessary to help people, make only the right decisions. I realized that every action has consequences.

I faced the problem of poverty. People with money are treated in Odessa or other major cities. Everyone who does not have them is treated in a small hospital like mine. Books could not explain much to me. They only told me how to do it right. But for treatment, where could I get those medicines? There was no money for bandage and aspirin. This is the story of my growing up.

In Photography I was trying to find solace, something beautiful in the doctor's routine. My Life after the hospital was about sleep and friends. Photographing this series at the hospital gave me food for thought. Part of the series was filmed on a film camera Zetit ET.

About Photographer

Vyacheslav Onishenko

Vyacheslav Onishenko is 30 and from Odessa,Ukraine. By profession, he is a doctor. Presently he is  working in Educational-innovative centre for the physician practical training (Odessa National Medical University). Vyacheslav Onishenko is engaged in photography since 2012. His achievements include:


LifePressPhoto Daily Life (series of photos). Shortlist. Ukraine 2015.

LifePressPhoto Daily Life  (single photo). Shortlist. Ukraine 2015.

The first international photo contest «Sushka». Shortlist. Russia Federation 2015.

GETXOPHOTO international photo contest. Shortlist. Spain 2015.

Photo Musings World Photography Day Photo Contest. Honorable mention. India 2015.

LifePressPhoto Daily Life (single photo). Shortlist. Ukraine 2016.

21 all Ukrainian photo-exhibion «Pogliad 2017». Shortlist. Ukraine 2017.

We and they: neighbors, not enemies.  Shortlist. Russia Federation 2017.

Fifth national photo salon «City by the Sea». Shortlist. Ukraine 2017.

6th Rivne Photographic Arts Cup Shortlist. Ukraine 2017.

Street Art Photo 2017 .Diplom of the 1st degree. Ukraine 2017.

Baltic Biennale of Photography 2017 Shortlist. Russia Federation 2017.

The passporte(salon health-and-medicine) Shortlist. Online exhibition 2017.

Shoot of the year 2017. Shortlist. Ukraine 2018.

8 International photo salon “Planet of children”.  Shortlist. Ukraine 2018.

LifePressPhoto (Spot news.General News). Diploma from salon. Ukraine 2018.

GETXOPHOTO international photo contest . Shortlist. Spain 2018.


You may connect with Vyacheslav Onishenko at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vyacheslav.onishchenko