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Street 3rd December, 2017

Istanbul is a special city because of its people, its history and its geographical position: after three days in the city taking pictures continuously, day and night has not been easy to leave, especially for the kindness of its people, the good weather and the desire to discover something more. Its contrasts define it and it could not be otherwise, the mixture of cultures is the basis of its society and immigration from the Middle East is evident. I decided to make this trip for my photography project about Europe and I tried to focus on what is the "European" part of the city. If I have to look for similarities with other cities that I have visited, I could name Barcelona or Genova but Istanbul has a lot of personality. Photographing its streets and its people has been an unforgettable experience. I hope I have captured the essence of the city through situations, gestures and portraits. I had never been here or in nearby areas and the feeling that I get is positive and I left with the conviction that I will be back soon.

By Andrea Ratto

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Andrea Ratto
Andrea Ratto

Andrea Ratto is an Italian photographer based in A Coruña, Spain. He spent the last years taking pictures in his travels around the world and learning the art of street photography. Now (2017) he is working on "Europa" an ambitious photography project that makes him travel throughout Europe.

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