Hall of Fame
The Misty Affair
The Misty Affair Travel Documentary 26th October, 2016 I remember when I started photography, it was on a trek to Annapurna Base Camp, and how I got mesmerized with the beauty of the Himalayas and wanted to freeze the moments of the trip. The rays of sun on the snowcapped mountains were breathtaking and I wan... Read More
Afghanistan: The Color Awakens (2015)
Afghanistan: The Color Awakens (2015) People 15th October, 2016 Afghanistan, having passed more than three decades of war with millions of casualties, is now poised to start a difficult path towards finding political, economical and social stability and security for its people. The generation of middle-aged Afghans, h... Read More
The Un-Cinderella Man
The Un-Cinderella Man Documentary 23rd August, 2016 Dreams. What are dreams? Are they only the luxury of the rich man's incorrigible son, who does not have to bother about earning his bread and butter? Or are poor men allowed to have dreams too? And if poor men do have dreams, does society give them a cha... Read More
Flustered by Fire
Flustered by Fire Documentary 21st August, 2016 18th May, 2015 turned to be the dooms day for New Market, the busiest market place at the heart of the city of Kolkata, as it got devastated by a rattling rage of fire. Life was shattered into bits. While the firefighters were trying to bring the disastro... Read More
Moon Dance
Moon Dance Documentary 2nd August, 2016 When she was a little girl, grandma used to tell her that the moon, would one day come riding a white horse. He would marry her and take her away to his land with him. She grew up believing the story,looking at Moon, waiting for him...... Read More