Hall of Fame
EMERGENCY Documentary 16th April, 2017 An Emergency of the hospital is a department that involves emotions of varied colours such as tension, anxiety, fear and sorrow. The documentation of these feelings, all clad in the colour red of blood is a tough job, done skillfully by Sohan Rahat...... Read More
Dhaka Opera - II
Dhaka Opera - II Documentary 9th April, 2017 The soul of the ages old city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, explored by Rahul Talukder, is unfurled in the next episode as the photographer keeps on with his discovery till date...... Read More
Dhaka Opera - I
Dhaka Opera - I Documentary 30th March, 2017 The heritage city of Dhaka has been through a transformation on its way towards urbanisation. Yet, the soul of this ages old city remains unchanged. Rahul Talukder is on a continued journey of seeking for this essence of Dhaka... Read More
On Dark Side
On Dark Side People 15th March, 2017 The city of Dhaka, explored in shadow, by Shantanu Majumder of Counter Foto. In a subtle, surreal way, Shantanu has seen his city from a different POV.... Read More
The City under the Bridge
The City under the Bridge Documentary 24th February, 2017 On 31 March 2016, part of the under-construction Vivekananda flyover in the Girish Park of Kolkata, India, collapsed. Twenty seven people were dead and more than eighty were injured in the incident.... Read More
Into the fire – Men in Khaki
Into the fire – Men in Khaki People, Documentary 29th January, 2017 Into the fire – Men in Khaki by Kanishka Mukherji... Read More
Life at Marina Beach
Life at Marina Beach People 23rd December, 2016 Life at Marina Beach by Mahesh Balasubramanian... Read More
Street Dreams
Street Dreams Documentary 27th November, 2016 There are estimated 10 million children in India who live on a ruthless world of streets. Each day they toil, in hunger, without proper shoes, clothes and shelter and they face predators masquerading as friends. Their life is not easy, yet they are not wi... Read More
The Saga of Sacrifice
The Saga of Sacrifice People 18th November, 2016 Muharram is the festival of grief for the Shia Muslims. 12th October 2016 at morning they gathered near Nakhoda Masjid in Kolkata. There were approx 2000 men and women to join a rally with horses. The women were waiting and feeding the horses with milk, s... Read More
Kumari Puja
Kumari Puja Documentary 7th November, 2016 This is the nascent story of feminism, this is the story that has been embedded in the hearts and minds of several generations of the deep-rooted Bengali culture where we celebrate womanhood. I took the picture during the mandatory "Kumari Puja" ritual... Read More