Hall of Fame
Sound of Silence
Sound of Silence People 1st January, 2020 Amidst the cacophony of the world, there is a world of silence which has its own sound. Debiprasad, an acclaimed photographer from India, tries to peep in to that world and tell us a new tale...... Read More
Soul of Kiev
Soul of Kiev Street 29th April, 2019 Gourab Guha's work keeps him travelling around the world and he has this habit of searching for the soul of every place he visits. His findings from Kiev make us fall for the city...... Read More
Everyday Pollution
Everyday Pollution Documentary 31st October, 2018 #ClickForACause is a drive by FOTOJAJS to unite all photographers against all threats to our society and living beings at large. Asif Ahmed of NPC, Bangladesh brings us the first installment by a series on Pollution, the greatest threat of our times...... Read More
Medicine through my eyes
Medicine through my eyes Documentary 19th September, 2018 Treating people in need, without much resources and affluence, turns the doctor's eyes in to a photographer's. A series of people in distress, clicked by Vyacheslav Onishenko confirms that an artist can be born at any situation...... Read More
City in Protest
City in Protest Documentary 9th September, 2018 When humans turn in to monsters, lamentable incidents like the Kathua Rape Case happens. With the whole country, Kolkata also raged in protest. Young photographer from the city, Debarchan Chatterjee documents the demonstration...... Read More
Receding Life Line
Receding Life Line Documentary 4th July, 2018 Survival is a word that not only relates to the very existence of living beings, but stretches beyond and creates new turns in the course of time. Koushik Chatterjee narrates the daily struggle for survival, of the people of Mousuni Island in Sundarbans..... Read More
Rohingya Refugees
Rohingya Refugees Documentary 6th January, 2018 While divergent opinions keep debating amongst themselves on the refugee issues worldwide, all we see is, people suffering. Eeshan Peer and Aakiz Bhat, youth of twenties from Kashmir, brings us an account from Delhi.... Read More
The Bearer of Light by REZA
The Bearer of Light by REZA Documentary 27th September, 2016 For nearly 20 years, the legendary Afghan resistant Massoud led his people, first against the Russians, and later against the Taliban, in order to liberate his country.... Read More
Trapped – Hell is round the corner
Trapped – Hell is round the corner Documentary 23rd December, 2017 As a visual anthropologist, Igor Čoko documented the wretched life of the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, passing through the Balkan route, in search of a better life. It makes us wish, there was no borders...... Read More
Istanbul Street 3rd December, 2017 The search for the essence of Europe takes Andrea Ratto to Instanbul as an important stop of his Europa Project. The author, in his hunt, meets the impressive personality of the city and shares it with us...... Read More