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Flustered by Fire
Documentary 21st August, 2016

18th May, 2015 turned to be the dooms day for New Market, the busiest market place at the heart of the city of Kolkata, as it got devastated by a rattling rage of fire. Life was shattered into bits. While the firefighters were trying to bring the disastrous situation under control, the victims tried to pick up the bits from ashes and put back together to start afresh. A place, bubbling with life, wore the stillness of a graveyard. Amidst the deadly chaos, life takes new turn and carry on the way of hope.

About Photographer

Jit Rakshit
Jit Rakshit

I am Jit Rakshit, a kolkata based professional wedding photographer. My passion is street photography , documentation & photojournalism. nn I fell in love with the intricacies of light and shadows long back in my school years but I have seriously started to study and learn the art of photography around 5/6 years back. I currently use Nikon D7000 and love to capture actions of people and special moments of interest.