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Documentary 16th April, 2017

It’s a room similar to many other rooms.  A room consists of walls, windows and roof.  But if you happened to step through the doorway, across the invisible barrier separating the emergency room from the world, you would find yourself thrust into the depths of a horrifying place that exists between life and death.  You would find yourself struggling to see clearly through thick smog of chaotic emotion, turmoil of pain, tension, panic and despair.

 A cry of pain cuts through the air like a blade.  A new patient is wheeled in.  More blood, more pain. More urgency.

 But there is a pause in this room. Everyone is waiting for his turn.

 It’s a place where people gone limbo. It’s a place between life and death.

  • Blood Spill on the floor of casualty department of a Medical College Hospital
  • : A man lying in the casualty department of a medical college hospital with a severe head injury.
  • A security guard was stabbed badly multiple times before he was taken to the casualty department and waiting to be operated.
  • Injured patients are waiting in casualty for their turn to be operated in a medical college hospital.
  • A man lying unconscious in the casualty. He was attempted to slay by the robbers and was lucky to escape death.
  • A man lying unconscious inside the OT of the casualty of a medical college hospital.
  • are waiting in the casualty department of a medical college hospital
  • A boy broke his jaw and lying unconscious due to fall from a tree lying unconscious in a casualty.
  • Patient’s attendee in a close conversation with the duty doctor in a casualty.
  • A woman attending her husband before entering the OT of the casualty of a medical college hospital.
  • A dead body of a woman lies in casualty.
  • A boy was hacked to death by sever stabbing by his sister in law.

About Photographer

Sohan Rahat
Sohan Rahat

Sohan Rahat is an independent documentary photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Working on Climate change, urban life and women right issues. After Studying electronics at university, he decided to pursue his career as a documentary photographer. He found his peace in visual medium specially photography.

He completed his diploma on photography at Counter Foto. He was also under the mentorship of master photographer Andrew Biraj at Counter Foto. He has also participated in some international workshops by Saiful Huq Omi,Asim Rafique, Guilo De Sturco and Philip Blenkinshop.

His works has been published in Social Documentary Network (SDN), Private Review Magazine, PDNedu and local dailies. He is currently working on his major documentary project on women trafficking. He is also working as faculty member and Global Coordinator at Counter Foto.