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Dissident Bodies
People 9th February, 2022

When are we correctly feminine or masculine? What´s the exact measure of femininity or masculinity?

These portraits reveal new gender paradigms, which have always existed, which are real, although are not in the center of attention in our society, which is governed by established stereotypes: femininity in women and masculinity in men.

Fluid genders, ambiguous, androgynous. Diverse bodies as a place of resistance against the social structures of oppression. Bodies that reveal themselves against the social and cultural status quo.

The inner being frees itself from the bodily restraints imposed by the cultural hegemony of society. These bodies tell stories, they are non-normative corporealities, they express themselves, they fight and make their way to the new modernity, without allowing themselves to be dominated and disciplined. Bodies that are out of the norm of what is expected of men and women. They make us wonder on the expiration of the hetero-normative concept of gender.

Regardless of our self-perception, we all deserve respect and freedom to choose how we want to live our lives.

  • Alas
  • Xuluk
  • Alas and Xuluk
  • Ange虂lica and Jenny
  • Emmanuel and Tamara
  • Federico and Cami
  • Florencia and Tuni
  • Francisco
  • Giulian and Zack Aleksy
  • Ian
  • Morena
  • Ian and Morena
  • Isaias (I)
  • Isaias (II)
  • Ivan
  • Julia虂n
  • Lola
  • Maiki
  • Oriel (II)
  • Reina
  • Zack Aleksy
  • Zack

About Photographer

Jorge M贸naco
Jorge M贸naco

Born in Buenos Aires, Jorge works as a photography teacher giving courses, workshops and seminars in different institutions in Argentina. His photographs are part of official and private collections. Jorge has made numerous individual and group exhibitions. He participates in Photography exhibitions held in Argentina and abroad.

His works were exhibited in: Argentina, USA, France, England, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macao, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Luxembourg, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Romania, Estonia, Ukraine, Philippines and Kazakhstan.

Jorge makes researches and carries out a wide-ranging work on pinhole photography. He received the National Fund for the Arts for his work in the essay "Los Menonitas".

Since 1995 he has been the director of the ENFO National School of Photography in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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