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Behind bars
Documentary 21st May, 2017

“Behind bars” is a story about daily life of the prisoners at the Belgrade County Jail, located in the Belgrade downtown, Serbia. Photos are made in the restricted cell block where more than one hundred prisoners serve their sentences. This photo story is part of the same titled book made in production of Belgrade County Jail Treatment service, as a regular based activity in the treatment of the prisoners through art.

About Photographer

Igor Coko
Igor Coko

Igor Čoko was born at Knin, Croatia in 1975. He now lives and works in Belgrade where he obtained a degree in ethnology and anthropology. In his role of a visual anthropologist, he uses his camera to capture and explore the sensibility of the street life, its people and lifer of stigmatized social groups. He is a editor in chief at the Grain photo magazine that showcase street and documentary photography. His photographs are published in leading magazines and newspapers from former Yugoslavia states and Europe, and thematic street photography e-magazines and websites around Globe. He is an author of photography books “Scenes from sumptuous reality” and “Living behind bars in the Belgrade County Jail”.
He got the Press Photo Serbia 2016. prize for the best reportage in category “Life reportage” for his story “Prison”.