Hall of Fame
Sun Yat-sen Street
Sun Yat-sen Street Documentary 9th February, 2021 The Chinese community in Kolkata has been an integral part of the city's history and tradition. The recent Covid challenge could hardly dampen the comunity's spirit. Revered photographer from the city Kushal Ray brings us an account of the changing time..... Read More
When nature strikes
When nature strikes Documentary 16th November, 2020 Aamphan, the super cyclone devastated the delta region on Bay of Bengal like never before. Aspiring photographer from Kolkata, Tamoghna documents the destruction through his lenses...... Read More
I Paint My Dream
I Paint My Dream Art 2nd September, 2020 A representative of new generation young minds, denying to give in and become a prototype, daring to dream and talk about them, Pritam Dutta paints his dreams with his camera...... Read More
After two weeks of Amphan Disaster, Spring Tide has also worsened the condition
After two weeks of Amphan Disaster, Spring Tide has also worsened the condition Documentary 22nd July, 2020 The super cyclone Amphan fell on the delta of Sundarbans to raze the area to the ground. The aftermath is even more ruinous. Subhajit Naskar reports from ground zero...... Read More
Destruction of Nature and Life by Super Cyclone Amphan
Destruction of Nature and Life by Super Cyclone Amphan Documentary 12th July, 2020 Aspiring photographer from Kolkata, Sudipta Chatterjee captures the aftermath of the devastating super cyclone Amphan from Sundarbans...... Read More
Suffocation - Trapped or Oppressed?
Suffocation - Trapped or Oppressed? Art 28th June, 2020 An in-depth view of life under lockdown by noted photographer Nilanjan Ray, unveils the psychological torments on people by the Covid pandemic. An article under Click For A Cause - The 2020 Turmoil...... Read More
Where I Bloom
Where I Bloom Documentary 24th June, 2020 The year 2020 threw on us the monstrous challenge of the Covid - 19. The pandemic kept us under a lengthened lockdown that changed our life upside down. A coverage by Ayanava Sil.... Read More
Longing... Art 13th May, 2020 Longing motivates, keeps us going. It's the journey between desire and attainment. Bappaditya Dasgupta, an IT man longs for venting out the artist in him through his photographs...... Read More
When white wears the color of pain...
When white wears the color of pain... Photo Journalism 17th February, 2020 Be it conflicts between countries or increasing carbon footprints, human's lust and greed seems to become blind. Joy K Roy Chowdhury finds the peace of white drenched in colours of pain. On our Rajasthan workshop, he found his words in frames...... Read More
Life in Black and White
Life in Black and White Documentary 9th February, 2020 Born to a family of literary and artistic genius, Kushal Ray takes photography as a tool to express how he perceives life and living. Through his art, he talks and photography is the language he speaks. Life of the Rabari community through his eyes...... Read More