Hall of Fame
Rohingya Refugees
Rohingya Refugees Documentary 6th January, 2018 While divergent opinions keep debating amongst themselves on the refugee issues worldwide, all we see is, people suffering. Eeshan Peer and Aakiz Bhat, youth of twenties from Kashmir, brings us an account from Delhi.... Read More
The Bearer of Light by REZA
The Bearer of Light by REZA Documentary 27th September, 2016 For nearly 20 years, the legendary Afghan resistant Massoud led his people, first against the Russians, and later against the Taliban, in order to liberate his country.... Read More
Trapped – Hell is round the corner
Trapped – Hell is round the corner Documentary 23rd December, 2017 As a visual anthropologist, Igor Čoko documented the wretched life of the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, passing through the Balkan route, in search of a better life. It makes us wish, there was no borders...... Read More
Istanbul Street 3rd December, 2017 The search for the essence of Europe takes Andrea Ratto to Instanbul as an important stop of his Europa Project. The author, in his hunt, meets the impressive personality of the city and shares it with us...... Read More
The Cuba Diary
The Cuba Diary Street 8th October, 2017 Orna Naor, one of the leading names of street photography in Israel, shares her collections from her three absorbing visits to Cuba. Her eyes of an artist didn't fail to captures the essence of the country, while keeping the aesthetes of the genre of stre... Read More
Kashmir – The Heaven in Turmoil
Kashmir – The Heaven in Turmoil Documentary 16th September, 2017 Kashmir, known as the heaven on earth, has been in unrest for nearly three decades. Yawar Nazir Kabli, sees his home being slowly ruined by this political avalanche leading to conflicts that can never do any good to anyone...... Read More
Shooting From The Toe
Shooting From The Toe Street 27th August, 2017 Sankha Kar, an artist inside out, has the habit of treading on unconventional ways to look at things and perceive the new. Thus, shooting from the toe, he views the world from a whole new angle and leaves us with galaxy to imagine...... Read More
Patterns of Jama
Patterns of Jama Documentary 17th June, 2017 Young talent Supritam Karmakar showcases the motif created by devotees gathered to celebrate Eid at the famous Jama Mosque in Delhi, India. A palette of varied colours, for the viewer's savouring...... Read More
A Stray Ghost and other stories
A Stray Ghost and other stories Street 9th June, 2017 A different take on the street; rather than a conventional series of photography, it's a way of looking at life with utmost curiosity and a desire to connect, is the quintessential subject of this photo series by Tamas Andok...... Read More
Behind bars
Behind bars Documentary 21st May, 2017 The life in prison has always been a matter of intense curiosity for all. The common men try to satisfy their desire to know about it from sources ranging from newspaper to movies. Igor Coko documents such life for us in country jail of Belgrade.... Read More