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Hall of Fame
Basic & Advanced Photography Workshops
Basic & Advanced Photography Workshops Start Date: 01-08-2021  End Date: 31-08-2022 Regular and event based workshops in and around Indian subcontinent by our Editor & Mentor Joydeep Mukherjee ( To join mail us: Read More
FOTOJAJS fotofest
FOTOJAJS fotofest Start Date: 07-02-2022  End Date: 15-05-2022 A dream is taking shape; a new chapter is going to be written !!!  !!!! A cross-country photography extravaganza !!! We bring you the #Chapter1 of FOTOJAJS FOTOFEST !!!!! Friday the 13 May 2022, the event starts at Gallery Gold and ends on 15 May 2022. The submission will Read More
FOTOJAJS E - Mag Start Date: 09-02-2022  End Date: 09-04-2022 We present you on our birthday, the very first issue of our E-Magazine FOTOJAJS. It's a dream that we, the Team_FOTOJAJS, have seen for half a decade now. We kept going slow, but steady; withstood test of time; emerged stronger every time. We always wanted to bring you quality, not quantity. Hence, Read More
Hope and Happiness 2022
Hope and Happiness 2022 Start Date: 24-12-2021  End Date: 26-12-2021 A grand event to welcome the new year and mark every month of it with a photograph that reinforce positivity, we conducted a contest and selected the best photos from it. With those photos we designed and printed a calendar that won hearts and came out to be a collectors' item. Limited print edition Read More
Rajasthan All Girls Photo Trip
Rajasthan All Girls Photo Trip Start Date: 23-11-2021  End Date: 30-11-2021 An exclusive photo trip for female photographers and wanderes guided by Jhinku Banerjee ( ). Explore the royal cities of Rajasthan through your lenses like never before. Quench your thrust for the unseen, from a different angle and create frames that you always Read More