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9 days at Ladakh with Joydeep Mukherjee
Start Date: 09-07-2017  End Date: 17-07-2017
Ladakh, the land of high passes, offeres mesmerizing scenic view, often dotted by white Tibetan monasteries, stone curved dwellings of the locals and limited green is not only about scenic beauty. Life here, amidst the rugged desserts and sparse water at high altitude is a challenge. Still an essence of warmth and benevolence reflect in the simple yet happy lifestyle of the people of Ladakh. Their innocent smile touches heart and quite instantly infects the one who is greeted by it.
We are going for a 9 days long hardcore photography workshop to Ladakh and take the route less troden. Our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee is one of those photographers, who have that eye to find the unexplored, see the unusual. Check out his trip to Ladakh about a couple years back.
This time he will share with us his way of seeing Ladakh, guide us to see it our own unique ways...
The workshop starts from Leh on 8th July 2017 and ends on 17 July 2017. The cost is INR 37000 for accommodation, daily breakfast and dinner, all transportation during the stay in Ladakh and also workshop fees.
You have to arrange for your Kolkata to Leh and back to Kolkata journey which is not included in the above cost. We are travelling by air from Kolkata to Leh and back from Srinagar to Kolkata. We are travelling by air because of shortage of time in hands of our mentor and trying to spend as much time as possible in Ladakh for photography. This part of the trip is open for you to choose. You may arrange it on your own.
Should you require any clarification or additional info, contact us.