Hall of Fame
Nature and People
Nature and People People fotoflict, the thematic contest on our Instagram handle received a huge response as always and Jit Rakshit took his pick on the best six. As we showcase the result here, our appreciation and greetings reach out to all winners. Read More
Wall Art & People
Wall Art & People Street With this last thematic contest on the topic "Wall Art & People", we received a huge number of wonderful entries and a stalwart of today's photography fraternity as the newest member of our judges' panel. We welcome Ashok Verma on board and congratulate the winners of #WAP Tejal Mewar, Ankana Chakraborty, Sandipan Mukherjee, Saugata Singha and Sayan Bhattachaya. Read More
People and shadow
People and shadow People, Street Here are the best picks by Jit Rakshit from our last thematic contest on Instagram that received a huge number of outstanding entries. The theme was #peopleandshadow. Read More
Festival, Light and People
Festival, Light and People People Our last contest on the theme Festival, Light and People gave us chance to see some extra ordinary pictures, which depicts our culture. And we are extremely thankful to our judge Nilanjan Ray for doing the tough job wonderfully. Congratulations to all the winners Raju Ghosh, Siddhartha Paul, Ranajoy Mitra, Pramit Banerjee, Avijit Ghosh. Read More
Silhouette People The last edition of FOTOJAJS's thematic contest, run on the Facebook, had the theme Silhouette. Wonderful posts from our FB Group members flooded the wall. The judging this time has been done by Jayati Saha. Here are the winning entries. Read More
Yellow and City Life
Yellow and City Life People The third edition of FOTOFLICT, our thematic contest on the platform of Instagram, received entries that were mind blowing. Jit Rakshit had to struggle to pick on the winners. Take a look at the winning shots... Read More
People and Rituals
People and Rituals People The theme for this FOTOFLICT, our contest that is run on Instagram, fetched a number of photos that brought up diverse cultures of a huge country like India and showcased a vivid palette of moods and expressions. Jit Rakshit had a tough time doing the judge. Read More
City in Rain
City in Rain People Our last contest on the theme #cityinrain received some brilliant entries and the judging this time has been done by our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee himself.The judge speaks: "Though I know POVs differ from person to person, I myself always try to find something different when I am behind the view finder. Thus at the time of judging, I follow the same thought and pick on those frames that are different." We congratulate all the winners:Sourangshu Gupta Soumo Laha Sujay Malakar Sk Jan Mohammad and Yusuf Shahriar Muntaqim Read More
City on the Move
City on the Move Street Our very First Edition of FOTOFLICT, a theme based contest on instagram that called for entries on the theme City on the Move, saw a huge response and some really awesome posts. The result is showcased here. Read More
Market and People
Market and People People The theme looked for photos that would depict the daily chores of a market place, which is almost alike irrespective of place and time. There was a number of remarkable posts and selecting from them was not easy. We thank our dear judge Joy K Roy Chowdhury for doing the tough job wonderfully.Congratulations Soumo Laha, Tanmoy Das, Sourav Basu, Anirban Mal and Rajib Mitra for winning the titles. Read More