Hall of Fame
Children of the World
Children of the World People The contests of FOTOJAJS, everytime, become a celebration of photography in themselves. We get to see so many wonderful photos and everytime we realize that a handsome number of people are pursuing the art with utmost sincerity. It gives us immense pleasure to host a platform for such practice and we are delighted to announce that we are now going to felicitate the winners of our contests with medals and certificates. And here we declare the result of our recent most contest on the theme "Children of the World". Our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee has always been extending his support by encouraging with his master strokes as well as judging the entries, and it was no exception this time. Heartiest congratulations from #Team_FOTOJAJS reach out for all the winners. Here are the wi Read More
Life In Red
Life In Red People Our last #thematic_contest Life In Red had an immense potential to run in any direction, fathom the deepest of thought and scale above the acme of imagination, the members did their best to find gems for us. Some photos saw the best of artistic representation of life while some were hard narratives of existence. Our mentor conceived the theme and judged the entries himself. Thanks Joydeep Mukherjee for your endless support.   Now there is another good news for all of you. Starting from this contest, we will reward the winners with Medals for the #first_three_positions and Certificates for all titles. And the #bonus is the felicitation program will take place on the streets of our beloved city. We will handover the medals and the certificates on a special Award Walk l Read More
Festive Mood
Festive Mood People Our last thematic contest Festive Mood aka #FMOOD got a huge response from our members. Excellent posts flooded in and stunned us. In fact, the number of wonderful images advocated our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee to select more photos unlike our regular practice. Thanks to the mentor for doing the honour. So here we are, with the winners. Congrats Nilanjan Pathak, Koushik Bhattacharya, Rupam Sen, Nilanjan Das, Marjit Bhaskar Gupta and Angshuman Paul Read More
Eye Contact
Eye Contact People The theme of our last contest on Facebook Group Wall was Eye Contact and there was a huge wave of amazing photographs. Our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee judged the entries and could not help himself from landing with more than two Honorable Mention as a normal practice. He finally ended up giving seven HMs beside the first three positions. Well, we can't actually blame him when we look at the sea of brilliant posts. Read More
Environmental Trash and Life
Environmental Trash and Life Street, Documentary Here are the best picks by Jit Rakshit from our last thematic contest on Instagram that received a huge number of outstanding entries. The theme was #ENV_Trash. Read More
Click For A Cause
Click For A Cause Street, Documentary Our first #ClickForACause contest received a handful images with extremely strong content. This is just a beginning and we are sure to get you our side in this battle against #Pollution. The judging has been done by none other than our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee and we congratulate all the title winners Sudarshan Das Jeetu Jam Yusuf Shahriar Muntaqim Soumyadeep Mukherjee and Sk Jan Mohammad  Read More
Generation and People
Generation and People People Our last contest on theme Generation And People received a sea of wonderful posts and here we are with the results. This time we were hugely lucky to get Sankha Kar to do the judge and it has been an excellent outcome. We thank this extremely talented photographer from the core.Our hearty congratulations to all the winners Debojyoti Biswas, Sayan Dey, Raju Ghosh, Rudra Banerjee and Suvrajit Dutta Read More
Reflection On Street
Reflection On Street Street After a tsunami of excellent photos, on the theme #ROS, here we are with the result. Our judge this time was none other than the excessively talented and master photographer Ashok Verma We extend our heartfelt thanks for the constant support and guidance that we receive from this happening photographer. Thanks a ton :)  We congratulate all the winners Susomoy Sur Mahmudul Hasan Deb Lahiri Sreeranj Sreedhar and Avijit Ghosh for their success. Read More
Durgotsav and us
Durgotsav and us People, Street Here are the best picks by Jit Rakshit from our last thematic contest on Instagram that received a huge number of outstanding entries. The theme was #durgotsavandus. Read More
Emotion in Black & White
Emotion in Black & White People Our last contest on the theme #Emotion_in_black_and_white hit the wall of FOTOJAJS . The responsibility of judging was on the Mentor himself this time, and here's what Joydeep Mukherjee had to say: "I went by the theory of Robert Plutchik that talks about eight emotions, at the time of judging and my views about the pictures reflect in the result." Read More