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Bond of Humanity

A special editon of thematic contest with a special award this time, as it has been our birthday month. The regular contest on our Facebook group wall, that is why, became a tougher bout. The theme was Bond of Humanity and we had entries pouring in. The contest had an award of a copy of the photo novel Intimacies by the much acclaimed Kushal Ray, only for the topper. The battle for it was worth watching.

Our mentor Joydeep Mukherjee picked on the best three and the two highly commendable entries from the huge number of photos submitted. The award winning entry was by Suvam Sinha. The second and the third place went to Angshuman Paul and Kaushik Dutta. The two highly commendable shots were by Sumit Sanyal and Pritam Dutta.

Congrats to all winners.